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28 May 2024

Who we are ?

 BSM Ltd leader in the designing, manufacturing and selling of:

  • LED Lighting
  • Car Injection Systems
  • Alarm Systems


We are looking for distributors in :
Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, UK, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico, Phillipines, Malaysia, AUSTRALIA

Our ideal partner is a person or a company with attested professionalism and seriousness and many years of experience in Lpg and Cng automotive market.

BSM Ltd  is a private company, established in 1992 in Sofia.
In the beginning, our activity was concentrated exclusively on the production of sirens for car alarm systems. Later on, the scope of our activity was broadened and currently it includes a wide range of sirens of different kinds. In 1994, the company developed and started producing one volume car-alarm systems (middle class). At the same time it increased the volume of the horn electrodynamic radiators up to 1000 pcs, per month. Due to the constantly rising demand of sirens in Bulgaria in the recent years the production volume has increased substantially.

 -In 1996, the personnel of the BSM Ltd Company reached 15 full staff positions. During the same year, the company started the production of home alarm systems and began to export to Macedonia, Serbia and Algeria.
 -In 1998 was implemented the quality control system ISO9001.
 -In the summer of 2005 because of the great demand of LPG automotive products BSM Ltd started the production of different electronic modules. At the end of 2005 the company released on the market the LPG sequential injection system CARGAS designed and tested by the BSM Ltd engineer team. In the summer of 2006, based on the serious experience, it started the production and sales of BARDOLINI, a higher class LPG injection system, which can be compared with the best brands in the world.
By that time the production capacity was increased and at the moment it reaches 10 000 alarm systems, modules and sirens, 15 000 remote controls and 6000-10 000 LPG injection systems per month.BSM Ltd stepped on new markets in 2007 with LPG/CNG injection systems – Australia, Thailand, Turkey and Italy. Later on Greece, Romania, South America and other under brands FRATELLI, MILANO AUTOGAS, AUTOGAS ITALIA, GASITALY, MY GAS, VIKARS and others.
-In 2008 it started the production of own LPG reducer, new switches, pressure and temperature sensors.
All LPG products have 67R01 and 110R certificates.

Now, the company is a technological leader on the market for sirens, car-alarm systems and many articles for the security systems and LPG sequential systems in Bulgaria. We have our own manufacturing and Engineering Design Department, which develops the full range of production articles.
On the territory of BSM Ltd there are also SMD assembly line and a fully automatic wire harness production line completed with KOMAX ZETA655/633, GAMMA 333PCS and ONDAL LINEAR machines.
At the moment the LPG products of the company are point of great interest from companies from Germany and UK.
In the beginning of 2009 was developed an improved injection system of a new generation through OBD communication with the petrol ECU.
The production of high class injector rail starts in the middle of 2009.



BSM company began since 2012 an active work on development and implementation in manufacturing a wide range of luminaries exclusively based on LED technology. This was facilitated by our experience in the last 20 years of manufacturing and technological experience in working with aluminum and plastic parts. The company has already developed and implemented in production LED luminaries for the following applications:

  • Street and parking lighting
  • Office lighting
  • Architecture lighting
  • Garden lighting
  • Lighting for shops and malls
  • Home lighting
  • Lighting for fountains
  • Replacement of old office lighting
  • Illumination of CNC machines
  • Lighting of sport halls and playgrounds
  • Industrial lighting
  • Tunels and highways


The main policy of the company is to provide its customers with complete and most energy efficient solutions based on LED technology. For the last 4 years we have invested more than 1,000,000 Euro for molds, machinery and materials for the production of LED luminaries. Direction in recent years geared to the realization of more efficient lighting thanks to super rapid improvement in the performance of the LEDs of all groups - low power, powerful, group, COB etc. Fаst growth registered and the cooling technologies, improving cooling of the lamp. Last but not least we have to mention the reduction in the prices of the individual components for the production of luminaires, especially LEDs, drivers and lenses.

Our main advantages over competing companies are:


  • Rapid implementation of the latest advances in LEDs and optics in the different products that BSM produce.
  • The time from project to production is often less than 3 months.
  • We pay attention to the design of our products.
  • All that we realize with our own design department and through external design units.
  • Using our own lighting laboratory, we are able to optimize the parameters of our products, complying with price and technical parameters of the components that the used.
  • BSM excel technically and cost competitive products on the market using components from the world’s best manufacturers in the industry (CREE, LG, MEANWELL, TRIDONIC, Ledil, Ledlink, BICOM, etc.) and the same time favorable tax business environment in Bulgaria, producing in the EU.

At the same time, all our products meet the requirements of the standards set at European and global level. BSM ensure the quality of its LED luminaires by describing the technical parameters related in a certain way with long warranty, sometimes between 5 and 10 years. BSM stands sustainable on international markets with customers in England, Romania, Spain, etc. In Bulgaria we have supplied lighting for a number of municipalities, parkings (metrostations), fountains , highways, tunnels, schools, factories, workshops, etc.