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29 September 2023


SL25, SL60 CITY & SL110 CITY


    We present you our latest street led luminaires SL25, SL60CITY and SL110 CITY. Developed from BSM for maximum efficiency in any city street occasions.

SL25 R4sl60-1


                                                                              SL60 CITY


SL110-1SL110 CITY


SL25, SL60 CITY and SL110 CITY are designed for energy saving and hight perfomance and can be provided with different types of mounting and accessories.


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Thursday, 21 February 2019 10:50

NEW LED Luminaires SL95 and SL150

NEW Products - SL95 and SL150

BSM has developed a new type of street luminaires with super high efficiency 

( up to 178 lm/W ) meeting all European standards.



technical specifications SL95file-pdf


technical specifications SL150file-pdf



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